We offer full end-to-end eDiscovery services, covering all phases of discovery. We also provide project management services and support for IBM Lotus Notes.

We have Certified eDiscovery Specialists on our team!

Find out more about this designation and how it is achieved by visiting aceds.org.



When companies are involved in a litigation case, communication, knowledge and time are critical to success. We specialize on being the bridge between the Information Technology and Legal Departments. Applying strong project management practices, we work with your team members to identify, collect, preserve and broker requested data to all client partners and vendors.

Other Capabilities include:

  • Forensic and non-forensic data collection
  • Data analysis for both early case assessment and on-going discovery requests
  • Data transformation
  • Litigation readiness / preparedness assessments
  • Client custom service / process development


All projects have deadlines to meet, budgets to manage and risks to mitigate while delivering the right data along the way. This can be accomplished through our project management discipline and knowledge as we work with clients to manage any changes that occur while focusing on their eDiscovery and Information Technology projects.


Clients that have deployed IBM Lotus Notes / Domino with developed workflow applications that are core to their business, need ongoing support as their business changes. We offer certified staff that can assist with administration and application development to maintain and enhance any existing applications from Release 4.X to Release 9.0.X.


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REW Computing is a member of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce. We are also a VenioOne, Certified Partner, as well as an IBM Registered Business Partner and Microsoft Partner.

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